Chaos and Opportunity

Dated: November 26 2020

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The Sailing Piano Charter

It feels likeit’s just been a few days ago that I moved off the boat and into the house for the Winter season. Living on the boat kept me isolated from the impact of Covid as I rarely would go into the city. When you’re on a boat you tend to stay on your boatand you don’t want to go anywhere else - because it’s so beautiful. I always believe that chaos inspires opportunity and we are certainly experiencing chaos. I think the people that are most affected are those who have lived by a strict routine. For many, routine offers a sense of comfort. Going to an office everyday, checking in at 9 AM and checking out at 5 PM, sitting in the same place, working in the same building, with the same people, doing the same task and taking the same holiday. That whole cycle has suddenly been disrupted. Clearly this disruption in routine causes mental side effects and breakdowns. 

The life of an entrepreneur is not defined by routine. Not having a steady pay cheque creates a mindset of constantly looking for opportunities. All of your senses have been honed by this kind of existence.  Being an entrepreneur creates a survivor like mentality. In chaos there is opportunity. The impact of Covid is less harmful to someone who does not live by routine. 

I am not suggesting I enjoy chaos, however I did benefit in multiple ways from many opportunities presented this year or what business people refer to as a shift. It’s certainly an exciting time to be in real estate. Everyone is stuck in their home which is now a school, a workplace, a hospital, a restaurant and hopefully a bar. Suddenly your home feels too small and you want a bigger space. Condo owners certainly came to this conclusion!  Many have decided that living out of town, for the same home value, makes far more sense. People originally bought condos to be close to work. Companies have realized they are still able to operate and function with many of their staff working virtually. So employees are questioning reasons for having to live downtown where the cost of living is quite high. Families in homes have opted for living in a town outside of the city center where they can get a far bigger property and more room for kids to play. Not to mention the pandemic certainly has created a degree of fear about living in a densely populated place. 
I invite you to see my Video Update on the Toronto Real Estate Market  

Another beautiful opportunity that manifested itself this summer was Dave’s Virtual Piano Bar. I do confess I have been fired, terminated or dismissed from many restaurant gigs in my career as a performer. I actually take this as a compliment - I am not musical wallpaper... I am a performer. Most restaurants prefer wallpaper over performers. I have had the idea for a virtual piano bar for quite some time and the lockdown presented the perfect opportunity. My first night was a success and I went on to perform 15 nights in a row growing my audience to over 1200 people. My profession is Real Estate and my DNA is a musician. Any successful business is about connecting with people. And music is a beautiful and real way to connect with people. I am still performing now on Sunday nights at 8pm and I love it. People type in requests to the comments and I play whatever comes up on the screen. Not often with success. Like I said, I thrive on chaos and the chaos that comes from not knowing a song while people are watching is invigorating. 
I would be delighted if you joined us at Dave’s Virtual Piano Bar

Good things always come in 3. My trifecta of success came through my passion for sailing. During the summer I move onto my 40ft Sailing Trimaran called Orenda which I have restored and modified over the last ten years of having her in my life. The previous summer I had started my sailing charter business - taking people on short excursions around Toronto Harbour. I refer to the experience as “The Sailing Piano” as I do have a piano on the boat. I also have an accordion onboard which I picked up at the St Lawrence Market recently. This year was an unbelievable success. As travel overseas became a problem everyone was desperate for a fun local activity after being confined all Winter. As the weather warmed up, I was receiving 30 to 40 emails every morning of people wishing to charter out the boat. From June until the end of September I was out on the water introducing people to the joys of sailing and our incredible Toronto waterfront. It is a joy to be able to share your passion and inspire others. What I appreciated during this time and meeting all these amazing new groups of friends was the diversity. I witnessed firsthand that regardless of culture, color, ethnicity we are all the same. We all love to laugh, love basking in sunshine, love our families and our friends and only wish the best for a fellow man. This is the common thread that ran through every group. I feel very blessed and grateful for having had the opportunity to share my love of the water and sailing with everyone who stepped onboard ORENDA. It was as though I sailed around the world, without ever leaving Lake Ontario.

My daily life is now more typical of everyone else’s as that I am now landlocked living in my home. It’s quite funny because I usually have motion sickness after being on the boat so long and it takes me some time to adjust to not being on the water. Living on the boat is a very dynamic existence. To ensure I stay healthy and create a stable routine, I make sure to get up in the morning and exercise before starting my day, something I never did on the boat. Also, the house always feels as big as a castle after my time on the boat. The boat is actually quite small and very cozy inside. Everything is almost at arm’s reach. It may be small inside, however the entire universe is your backyard! So here I am with you in lockdown 2.0 and essentially locked in my house like all of us.  I have invited chaos into my home by renovating my kitchen and removing the East exterior wall. So instead of living in warmth and comfort, I am living in a construction mess. I will perhaps touch on that in a later post. This blog is running away from me so I will put down the digital quill and get back to the job at hand. I hope we cross paths in the near future and I hope to see you at my virtual piano bar. Fair winds and beautiful music. 

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Chaos and Opportunity

It feels likeit’s just been a few days ago that I moved off the boat and into the house for the Winter season. Living on the boat kept me isolated from the impact of Covid as I rarely would go

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