About David Johanns

Sales Representative

We all must live in a house. Our home defines much about us. It reflects our tastes, and lifestyle. A place where dreams are manifested, children are born, moments are created and lives are lived. Every nook and cranny becomes part of our cerebral memory. The moments become chapters in our lives. 
My work in Real Estate is motivated by connecting with people, so that you can help them. 
My background as an artist has inspired an unconventional life and an unconventional outlook. 
I am drawn to clean lines, minimalism, the idea that everything around you is a piece of art and this is reflected in the properties I work with. Life by design, and living in design. 
If you are looking to work with someone who provides an experience, a connection and a long lasting friendship than I would love to hear from you and discover how I can help assist you with your dreams of the perfect roof over your head in which to live your life by design.